40,000 years and a handful of sand

Tony Mockeridge has asked that this song be dedicated to Lex Wotton. Accordingly this song goes out to Lex Wotton and his family for their courage in standing up for justice on Palms for the Bwgcolman people and for all the people of Queensland.
4PR – Voice of the People

Tony dedicates this song to Lex Wotton:

“We usually play this as our opening tune as our acknowledgement of and respect for the people who have lived in this country for so long and for the injustice handed out to them by the invaders. is a perfect example of a truly great Australian; the antithesis of the media “hero”  full off puffery and self importance.

40,000 years and a handful of sand

I met a girl with blue eyes and brown skin

With a brother in jail, every week she visits him
When the rain falls down she goes outside
Spreads her wings and takes to the sky


A child of her time in a timeless land
With 40,000 years and a handful of sand
Ask her to sing you one of the old songs
And she does
And she does

Her father he works up north on the railway
(She thinks)
Her mother’s still living but not with him
Sister’s asleep in a chair by the door
Everything quiet, everyone poor


At a fork in the road the light changes
One stays in the sun while the other heads west
She’s cried too many tears to kiss strangers
The years roll by and so do the cares


Ask her to sing you one of the old songs…….

Thanks to Tony Mockeridge and the Brisbane band Little Secrets for this beautiful song.

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