‘Reorganising Cuba’

10 May · 18:30 20:30

Level 2 Queensland Council of Unions

16 Peel Street
South Brisbane, Australia

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Cuba is embarking upon a massive reorganisation
of its economy, following the Sixth Congress of the
Communist Party, held earlier this month, with a
drive to improve economic performance. What
challenges does this present a country committed
to socialism?

Come and hear Ezequiel Morales, a representative
from the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the
People, speak about this significant moment in
Cuba’s history.

Ezequiel, born to a peasant family was eight years
old when the Revolution triumphed. As a youth he
participated in the Literacy Campaign carried out in
Cuba in 1961 and later became a teacher.
Ezequiel was the General Secretary of various
branches of the Union of Educators until 1996
when he began to work at his current position with
the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP).

Question time will follow.

Entry by Donation / Bring a Plate

Web www.acfs-brisbane.org.au Email: info@acfs-brisbane.org.au

‘Reorganising Cuba’ with guest speaker, Ezequiel Morales, from Cuba.

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