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From: “Ray Jackson”
Thursday, April 14, 2011 10:31 AM
Subject: Re: Crikey: An open letter to Andrew Bolt from a “half-caste”,
“yella fella”, “half-breed” Kungarakan-Gurindji woman

i believe that this is the definitive answer to that racist xenophobic denier of climate change and gross seeker of attention to the point that he will go out of his way to be so extreme in his views that he is easily ignored.

but sometimes andrew bolt hits a raw nerve and he did when he rudely questioned how we identify ourselves as aborigines or torres strait islanders. to add insult to injury he then boldly stated that some of the ‘white aborigines’, his term, only identified because of their access to ‘black money.’

that he did not do his research, beyond that of the visual type, is quite evident. i mention one case only and that is that wonderful fighter for social and aboriginal justice, ms. pat eatock, whom i have known for many years. pat was the original secretary of the tent embassy when to protest meant you had the cops severely bashing you. pat has constantly been involved in the struggle and to have this execrable excuse for a human being gone wrong to question her aboriginal bona fides is inexcusable.

it also is quiet evident that bolt has never read the accepted process of identifying as an aboriginal person, otherwise he may not have been so arrogantly stupid.

to be identified as an aboriginal you must meet certain criterion and they are:

one must demonstrate aboriginal ancestry, identify as an aborigine, and have communal recognition from your aboriginal community.

if those tests are met then you are accepted by your peers and elders and you can then identify as an aborigine, without having to satisfy non-aborigines of your identity. you can range from the blackest black to a blonde, blue-eyed and still be identified as a proper aborigine. as i continue to inform people, i am surprised that, after some 223 years of the use and abuse of our women, there is any colour left except in the most remotest of communities.

my aboriginality is between me and my aboriginal family. no non-aboriginal person has the right to question my aboriginality, ever. i am only answerable to my own peoples. i have even refused magistrates who have enquired of my aboriginality, it is none of their business. when i identify as an aborigine then they must accept my word that i am.

whilst i knew of my aboriginality since my mid-30’s i did not come out of the cultural closet, so to speak, and that was with the full support of other aborigines in 1991. people still from time to time, both black and white, ask why i now identify as an aborigine, regardless of other bloodlines, i sincerely answer that i do so because as a member of the stolen generations, being taken from my aboriginal mother at the age of 2, white government policy stated that i could not be as they had classified me as white. end of story.

acceptance did not come easy and i had to work at it. i still am.

bolt believes that he is the final arbiter of white society. sadly he is not. there are too many other ‘final arbiters’ out there who believe they know what is best for white australia. i don’t have to name them, sadly they are myriad and you can listen or read their verbal vomit everyday of the week. they are all still living their lives as the  white australia policy dictates. they have a not so muted hatred of asylum seekers, non-assimilated migrants and of course my multi-hued aboriginal families and communities.

i am more than comfortable being a ‘concrete koori!’

dr. sue stanton has bolt, and his other racist ilk, fair in her line of fire. a great article.


ray jackson president indigenous social justice association

Crikey The Northern Myth An open letter to Andrew Bolt from a “half-caste”, “yella fella”, “half-breed” Kungarakan-Gurindji woman April 12, 2011 – 11:18 pm, by Bob Gosford

Sue Stanton

… All I ever want to be, is to be an Aborigine.

Dr Sue J Stanton,


2 thoughts on “Comment on open letter to Andrew Bolt

  1. You say to be aboriginal you must have a criteria. Yeap,, I’/ll b y that. fikrst yo-u m ujstg be BLACK, I mean Black. OK.

  2. I think, in light of the Bess Price uproar, and Sue Stantons comments on that, too, the letter a year ago to Bolt is totally racist. It is people like Stanton that have my own Aboriginal daughter calling myself, her own mother a Westerner. My daughter has been taught reverse racism in every workshop she attends. People like Stanton (you can only be a half caste if one parent is full blood Aboriginal and the other is white) cause division in Australians, branding them white and black. She might know what it’s like to be yellow, but she does not know what it’s like to be black. Bess is right. My daughter is black. She has been discriminated against because of her skin colour and looking Aboriginal. She is a half-caste. In 2012, now we have reverse racism. Usually from people who claim Aboriginality and the benifits that go along with it, even though the blood is so minimal it doesn’t show on their faces. Usually from the privilaged, certainly not from the people living the Aboriginal true life. The proud Aboriginals like Bess have really done the hard yards. She is a peacemaker. She teaches her own children to cherish their white and black heritages, and above all, to cherish being Australian. Bess is a peacemaker, Sue could learn much from this woman.
    I am angry at her letter to Andrew, and to Bess.

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