BBC HARDtalk on the road in Australia


Includes 1/2 hour interview with Immigration Minister Bowen – lets see how our policies of indefinite mandatory detention are explained to the rest of the world.


HARDtalk on the road

in Australia

From Monday 11 to Wednesday 13 April the BBC News Channel and the BBC World News Channel will air the fourth series of HARDtalks occasional strand HARDtalk on the road this time from Australia.

Presented by Stephen Sackur, the three part series will be a blend of strong on the road reportage and classic HARDtalk interviewing.

Part 1: The Immigration Debate

The first programme in the series will look at the issue of immigration. HARDtalk explores why the issue of immigration is so divisive to Australians, and explores the reality behind many peoples fears around new waves of boat people trying to enter the country by sea. The programme speaks to refugees, asylum seekers and right-wing voices. Stephen Sackuralso interviews immigration minister Chris Bowen about a range of issues including the detention of children, and asks if the arguments around immigration are a symptom of a wider breakdown of Australia’s long running consensus on ‘multiculturalism’.

Part 2: The Mining Industry

The second programme in the series explores Australia’s extraordinary resources boom. The Australian economy has avoided the economic woes of the west and continues to grow. This programme examines the new wave of investment by Chinese companies, who are developing vast new mines across Australia, working with a new generation of ‘Aussie oligarchs’ who control the mining rights. Stephen Sackur talks to mining magnate Clive Palmer – already one of the wealthiest men in Australia – about the sustainability of this boom. Stephen also talks to aboriginal elders concerned that thousands of years of indigenous heritage is being lost as the big dig continues.

Part 3: Climate & Environment

The final part of the series focuses on the recent series of extreme weather events in Australia – including cyclones, floods, drought and bushfires – which have impacted on the country. This programme questions whether these weather-borne catastrophes are becoming more frequent and more intense as a result of climate change. Stephen Sackur travels from parts of Queenslandthat suffered extreme flooding in January to drought-ridden areas of Western Australia to look for answers. The programme also speaks to Australia’s leading environmentalist and newly-appointed climate commission chief Tim Flannery.

Thats HARDtalk on the road in Australia

Monday 11 to Wednesday 13 April 2011

BBC News Channel / iPlayer

00:30h & 04:30h BST

BBC World News Channel

03:30h, 08:30h, 15:30 & 20:30h GMT

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