Price on pollution: Brisbane rally this Saturday

You might have seen the anti-climate action rallies in the news lately. In early May, the same naysayers and radio shock-jocks will rally in Brisbane to say “No!” to climate action.

But around the nation, a bigger group of people are stepping up to say “YES!” In Melbourne, Perth, Port Macquarie and Sydney, the sceptics and polluters rallies have been outnumbered by pro-pollution price people. Now it’s Brisbane’s turn.

Let’s stand together this Saturday the 9th of April. While they’re waving their angry placards and saying it can’t be done, across town we’ll hold a positive, family-friendly gathering to stand up for a clean energy future.

Can you come?

What: Family-friendly rally for a price on pollution
Where: King George Square, Brisbane
When: Saturday, April 9, 11am-12noon


Two weeks ago, 300 sceptics protested outside Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s electorate office in suburban Melbourne. But that rally was no match for the 8000 people who turned out in the city to support a price on pollution. [Editor’s Note: police
dispute these figures

When I arrived at the Melbourne rally on my bike, I had the happy problem of getting stuck in the crowd, unable to get through to meet up with Don Henry and ACF staff and volunteers near the stage. Treasury Place was jam-packed. The atmosphere was so positive, with smiling families, inspiring speakers and some great music.

I felt that showing up made a real difference. Instead of the “No” brigade owning the news that night, the mainstream media reported that support for a price on pollution was bigger and stronger.

Our movement for change is rising again. We refuse to be fearful of change. We refuse to keep living under the dirty cloud of a pollution-dependent economy. Together, we can step up to hope, action, and shine the light on a cleaner future.

Every day our campaigners are on conference calls with their colleagues in other organisations from the environment, civil society, youth and union movements to make Saturday’s event a success — but ultimately it comes down to you. Will we mobilise more people than the rally against climate action?

RSVP here.

Brisbane, it’s your turn to show up and say “YES!” to a price on pollution.

Denise Boyd
Campaigns Director
Australian Conservation Foundation

P.S. Bring your own positive message on a sign or banner, and please, invite your family and friends! RSVP now.

2 thoughts on “Price on pollution: Brisbane rally this Saturday

  1. A walk on the train track is not dangerous!

    Found out about this great idea of building a complete city park on top of an unused railtrack in New York. What a great use of space adding to a greener city center. Also some great pictures.

    Credit where credit is due. The source of this is Thewritefuture. Here is the link:

  2. Reports on Get-up carbon price rally & refugees says:

    Carbon tax supporters converge on Brisbane CBD

    ‘The focus is too much on just carbon pollution’ said participants at the rally…”they had the rally before the right wingers and that may turn out to be a mistake” one person said.

    Meanwhile in Brisbane square about 200 people turned up to a Refugee Action Collective rally to protest treatment of refugees by the federal labor goverment. A former member of the ALP said that Julia Gillard is very right wing on refugees – she laughed at the suggestion that Gillard was ever left wing on anything… but ‘Rudd had to go because he could not manage … everything had to end up on his desk and nothing was getting done” one-time ALP member said.

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