Inside Iraq — the martyrs of the revolution

This is the first of a series of articles based solely on sources inside Iraq that tries to present the facts of the resistance. The occupation that has brought the country to its knees since March 2003, far worse than the dictator, Saddam.

The Day of the Martyrs - Baghdad, Iraq, 4 Mar 2011 - Photo - Iraqi Beacon

What the caterpillar
calls the end of the world,
the rest of the world
calls a butterfly!

Behind the iron wall, outside the razor wire, far from the temple, there is a garden from which you can see the blue sky of freedom.

Coinciding with the uprisings across the Arab world there has been brutal suppression of demonstrations in Iraq that resist the occupation by the US and its allies.

The first of a series of demonstrations in towns and cities from north to south occurred on 25 February 2011.

On that day 22 people including a boy of only 12 years were murdered by mercenaries paid by Blackwater, by US occupation forces and by Maliki’s army.

The Iraqi Association has provided a list of the names of these people. Following these murders, the Iraqi intifada began with calls to have more demonstrations on the ‘Day of the Martyrs’, Friday, 4 Mar 2011. A curfew has been imposed by the Maliki government. Demonstrations were held throughout the country and a minister was attacked in the Green zone by angry demonstrators.

Shahid Falah Ali Habib Jubouri 1979 village of Al Khan district of Hawija in Kirkuk February 25, 2011 — the first day of the revolution. The names are listed in English (with the closest English meaning of their names)

  1. Omar Rage – Kirkuk أول شهيد للثورة
    [The Arabic words أول شهيد للثورة means the first martyr of the revolution]
  2. Fouad Hussein Jumaili – Kirkukالشهيدعمر
  3. Shahid Rizwan Ahmed Haji Ali – Sulaymaniyah الشهيدريزوانحاجيعليأحمد
  4. Mahmoud Zahir Suhrkeo Born 1987 – Sulaimaniyahالشهيدريزوانحاجيعليأحمد
  5. Child Ckramaan Ahmed Saber Born 1999 – the ridge in Sulaimaniya- (12 yrs old)الشهيدالطفلكرميانأحمدصاب
  6. Faisal Al-Hashem Kubaisi – Anbar Province, west of Baghdad
  7. Maaz Shahid Salah Sager Kubaisi – Anbar Province
  8. Sam Shahid and stubbornness Almraawi – Khalidiya in Anbar
  9. Shahid Salim Farouk Dosari – Basra
  10. Khalil Shaheed Khudair Badrani – Mosul
  11. Sam Shahid Ahmed Khadr Sabawi – Mosul
  12. Conciliator Moataz Moussa – Mosul_ a university professor
  13. Mohammad Mohsin Yasin Chita, Born 1988 – Mosul
  14. Muthanna Mohammed Nazim al-Zubaidi, Born 1979 – Mosul
  15. Qusay Rashid mycosis – Samarra in Salah al-Din
  16. Shahid Yusuf Mohamed Mehdi Abbasi – Samarra in Salah al-Din
  17. Shahid Muhammad Hamza al-Sabri – Tahrir Square in Baghdad
  18. Hisham Al Jar Allah Bahadli – Tahrir Square in Baghdad (wounded and killed)
  19. Mohammed Hassan al-Janabi, born in Born 1992 Hamdo – Tahrir Square in Baghdad (wounded and then killed)
  20. Promised reformer Fathi Jubouri Born 1995 – Mosulage (16) years was shot in the eye at the hands of Maliki’s forces led to his death on the spot
  21. Abdullah Fathi Musleh Jubouri Born 1993 – Mosulage (18) years were wounded in the chest, his body remained unidentified, was found by his family only after days after identifying him in a hospital morgue under (name unknown) e
  22. Shahid Ahmed Hamdani caprine الشهيد
    الحمداني – Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad4 March 2011 Fri martyr executed by the forces of the Muthanna Brigade, near his home in the village of Hamdania. [On July 13, 2006 British, Australian, and Japanese forces handed over security responsibility for Muthanna province to Iraqi forces in the first such transfer of an entire province. Some US troops remained.]
  23. Martyr Ryan Obeidi great hand – Diyala / 4 March 2011 Fri martyrs الشهيد

The Website titled ‘Your Pencils’ posed the following question:

We ask if Nuri al-Maliki’s Dawa party feels any guilt for killing these innocent young lives?

ألأنهم خرجوا يطالبون بحقوق الشعب المهدورة؟

Because they came out demanding the rights of the waste?

ألأنهم رفعوا صوتهم بالاعتراض على ملفات الفساد والسرقات؟

Because they raised their voices to object to proof of corruption and theft? ألأنهم صدقوا أنهم يعيشون في

(ديمقراطية) وأن التظاهر السلمي هو حق مشروع..؟!!

Because they believe they have democratic rights, and that peaceful protest is a legitimate right
..?!! ومن أعطى قواك الأمنية الحق في انتقاء من يزهقون ارواحهم ظلما وعدوانا؟

Why sacrifice the lives of these people for the sake of energy security for the US and her allies?


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