Assange’s likely fate

By Ciaron O’Reilly

On Thursday 24 Feb 2011 it is likely Assange will be taken from Woolwich court. This was purpose built for the Provisional IRA. Assange will be taken via a tunnel  into Category A Belmarsh Prison. The IRA were kept in this prison. People accused of  Islamic Jihad are presently kept there. The Great Train Robber, Ronnie Biggs, was there.

Assange will be placed in a special secure unit (SSU) or if they have gone now he will be put in solitary – it is still there. Assange was in solitary at Wandsworth.

Fr . Martin Newell, who lives with me at Giusepp Conlon House, was held there ‘on remand’ after disabling the nuclear convoy vehicle in 2000.

Martin gave a speech about Belmarsh outside the Assange hearing.

No doubt Assange’s lawyers will wish to appeal the decision for extradition.

The British government’s lawyers will again oppose bail at the request of the US administration.

Assange will not go to Sweden.

He will be handed directly  over to the US and extradited from Britain.

The Swedish extradition is just a holding  operation while the Grand Jury in Virginia gets it shit together by breaking Manning or concocting evidence

The guy with aspergers who hacked in to the Pentagon was extradited recently after 18 months – 2 years of appeals.”

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  1. Last Train to Mirabad - ode to lives lost says:

    Sapper Jamie Larcombe with his partner
    Sapper Jamie Larcombe with his partner

    Last Train to Mirabad
    Julian Assange took on the US 
    Wikileak'd ten years war in Afghanistan
    Protesters in Tahrir Square had no time
    The leaks did not rhyme
    Put out Mubarak for freedom sake
    To have their say
    Across Africa and Arabia 
    Other side of the world
    Julian roams downstairs in Woolwich Court
    Thinking what would Pilger and Ellsberg do now?
    Waiting to be taken through tunnel to Belmarsh 
    Where ghosts of IRA meet Ronnie Biggs in special 
    secure unit
    No Wikileaks today about Sapper Jamie Larcombe
    No mention of his Afghan mate 
    They lost their lives at Mirabad last night
    Jamie died, despite first aid, unable to be 
    Gunshot wounds killed Sapper Larcombe
    Air Vice Marshall Houston sighed
    Only 21 years old and his interpreter 
    Buried according to local custom
    Jamie Larcombe was just nineteen
    When he signed up for the Operation 
    They called 'Slipper'
    Code for global war
    In Afghanistan, Middle East and the 
    Gulf of Aden
    No medals will bring Jamie home,
    That boy from Kangaroo Island
    Lets bring to an end
    The terror and the killing
    Those masters plan wars in tall towers
    But do they think of the children and 
    the flowers?
    They conscript women to kill 
    But care not a damn
    Young people's blood
    Flows out of their bodies
    Now buried in the sand
    Back in Afghanistan
    US fuelled ideas on Economy and State
    Some succeed, others must fail
    Australia, a one party state 
    With Labor and Liberal both the same
    To poor people whose only hope is revolt
    So sad for Sapper Larcombe and his 
    Afghan mate
    In Mirabad lay their fate
    Three journos approaching, Julian, John 
    and Dan 
    Winds of knowledge howl 
    US Generals standing on the watchtower
    Cry our country always does the right thing
    Meanwhile Grand Jury in Virginia has sent 
    Poor Bradley Manning on the last train to 
    Americans do the right thing
    Only after exhausting every other option first
    From Arab Spring
    we come singing
    for freedom's sake
    strike up the banner, 
    cry war no more
    rid us of this insane curse
    those warmongers are the worse
    our job is not to lead
    nor is it to be led
    lower the casket down
    on our graves rich masters
    feed their fortune
    let’s bring war to an end,
    it cannot come too soon
    in this, our pale afternoon
       - Ode to lives lost at Mirabad 
    Ian Curr
    Dedicated to Chelsea Manning now 
    entering the 6th year of a 
    35 year sentence and in memory
    of Daniel Berrigan who died
    this week 1 May 2016

    Ten Years War in Afghanistan – 7 October 2011
    Malalai Joya
    Stop Cluster Bombs
    Ten years since 9/11: What have progressives really learned about war & Islamophobia?[vimeo http://www


    Malalai Joya Armidale Town Hall 5/9/2011 from SVM on Vimeo.

  2. Ciaron O'Reilly says:

    Julian Assange arrived at Woolich Court Thursday looking a lot more relaxed than last time. This may indicate that the Prosecution indicated pre-hearing they were not going to oppose bail.

    Prosecution opposition to bail had been denied at the High Court in December and Julian had fufiled all bail requirements since his release that day. The written verdict was recited and defence tried to renegotiate bail conditions. When this concluded Julian came out into the courtyard to make statements to the media. When that concluded Roland, originally from Melbourne and myself from Brisbane made our move, nonviolently blockading the road entry to the court. Images of our action were carried in the printed version of Friday’s Washington Post Friday, Associated Press, New York Times website, BBC South, Australia SBS, Times of India etc.

    Our report photographs of the NVDA etc on this link,,,,,

  3. Misanthrope says:

    What a self indulgent, derivative piece of alleged prose! If that’s be st you can come up with thaen your approach is no better than that of the United Nations; namely “WE’RE GOING TO WRITE A STRONGLY WORDED LETTER!”
    Maybe this is why you’re so ineffectual. Your so called protest at Gallipoli Barracks to ‘celebrate’ the 10 year anniversary of the war in Afghanistan was laughable and about as entertaining as a bunch of amateur clowns doing magic trics and making baloon animals. Whenever I you people at ‘work’ I feel amusement and a pitty, a bit like you’d feel for an immature and slightly retarded distant family member’s antics. Please keep it up, we all need the laughs. 😀

  4. Caravan - ode to love and war says:

    They came like passing clouds,
    Mother and child,
    drifting before the moon,
    lingering intangible angels.
    Sudden lightning flash!
    Gone for good,
    leaving love lost in rain;
    still glad you came
    between the devil and deep blue sea.
    Such beauty!
    Made small
    by war
    on the

    — Ian Curr
    May/July, 2012

  5. Refugee Boat Tragedy - REASONs says:

    Once again we have witnessed the tragedy of people dying in their attempt to reach Australia. This time it was Hazara families.

    This tragedy brings out the best and worst of responses. Reactions are varied from compassion and commiseration to some of the most hateful and brutal of comments.

    Most of this is driven by ignorance of the reasons why people take a risky boat journey. So here are some facts you may wish to share.

    Right now in Quetta, Pakistan many Afghan Hazaras have fled after being driven out of Afghanistan by Taliban and Pashtun militia.

    Now they are being bombed and killed daily by Lashvi-i-Jangvi another terrorist group.
    This is why families are trying to get to Australia. For those who have a husband and father in Australia, there is a waiting list of five to ten years for family reunion and years even for a spouse visa.

    Hazaras are the largest (?) group of refugees in the world for obvious reasons. Hazaras are a minority who are targetted by Taliban and other brutal militias.

    In order to fulfil the visa requirements, Australian immigration demand that people travel to Islamabad 900 klms away to do health checks with an Australian Approved Panel Doctor and that they have DNA testing at great expense with swabs taken in the presence of an Australian immigration officer. Many have no documents so cannot fly but have to take the dangerous bus journey 900 kms overland. The roads are controlled by Taliban who extort taxes from the bus drivers. When they see Hazaras on the buses they take them out and kill them. For this reason there are weeks when the bus companies refuse to take Hazaras becasue they could be targetted by Taliban.

    In addition Australian immigration are asking that the wives go to Kabul, another dangerous overland journey back into the country from which they have fled in order to get their taskeras (birth certificates ) stamped. Families wait years in hiding in Quetta to even start this process and after completing all this they must still wait. we all know people in Australia who have lost sons, brothers, daughters and wives in the recent bombings. We see their grief.

    Immigration and politicians know the problems because lawyers and migration agents keep telling them. Now at last an alternative to have the processing done in Quetta is being discussed but in the meantime the dangerous life threatening journeys are still required to fulfil formal visa requirements.

    So when the politicians and media talk about sending people to Nauru and Manus to stop the dangerous boat journeys- Ask them what they are doing to stop making these dangerous boat journeys the only choice for people fleeing for their lives.
    If your choice is being bombed or killed by Taliban on a bus or street in Quetta which you have witnessed happening or taking a chance on a boat to Australia which you have never seen before what would you choose?

    If our politicians really cared they would start managing the arrival of asylum seekers, process their refugee applications fairly and settle those people who proved that they had valid claims – as we promised to do when we signed the refugee convention. we have done it before and we could dom it again if we changed the toxic debate on asylum seekers and refugees.

    Pamela Curr
    Campaign Coordinator
    Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
    12 Batman st West Melbourne 3003
    ph 03 9326 6066 / 0417517075

    “AUSTRALIA. Built by boatpeople.”

  6. '40 won't return' says:

    We have lost 40 of our best, and we will never forget them.”

    The Abbott entourage arrived at the mountainous outpost in Tarin Kowt, Oruzgan Province, under an unprecedented security shield to call time on Australia’s longest ever war.

    As Apache attack helicopters circled nearby, Mr Abbott did not declare victory or defeat, but he declared that Afghanistan was a better country for Australia’s efforts.

    He said Oruzgan was still a poor and difficult province, but it now had 200 schools compared with 34 when the Australians arrived, as well as 200km of sealed roads and pre-natal care for 80 per cent of expectant mothers.

    His sentiments were supported by Bill Shorten who joined Mr Abbott on his fourth visit and the first ever bipartisan pilgrimage to the troops.

    “You make us proud to be Australian,” the Opposition Leader said. “I don’t think saying thank you is quite enough.”
    – See more at:

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