Celebrate Green Left Weekly’s 20th birthday

[Editor’s Note: Over the next 20 years will GLW be able to take up the Al-Jazeera approach [Egypt’s Facebook revolution] and begin organising via the internet’s social media. What about setting up chat rooms for union activists – the Egyptian strikers* can show us the way. It seems to me that Al-J borrowed the idea from the Bolshevik model of the Revolutionary Newspaper – Lenin’s Iskra.

*”Though Mubarak quit last Friday, protests, sit-ins and strikes at state-owned institutions including the stock exchange, media groups and railways, are disrupting normal life.” — Al-J ]

“One of the despairs of our time is a corporate media that speaks for authority and power, rarely for its readers and viewers. One of the excitements of our time is the means by which we can now circumvent the old gatekeepers. WikiLeaks is a new creation, but Green Left Weekly has been a pathfinder for 20 years, no less. Congratulations!”
– John Pilger
Your are invited to a:

GLW Feb 2011 Cover

Party to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of
the First Issue of Green Left Weekly:

A landmark event in the history of Australian progressive
newspaper publishing. Green Left Weekly, the only
socialist and eological weekly newspaper in the country.

SAT FEB 19, 7pm.

Brisbane Activist Centre,
74B Wickham St,
Fortitude Valley.

Greetings, videos, music, food, drinks.

Proceeds to GLW 2011 Fund Appeal.
For more information, phone 0423 741 734.

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