Speakout: Solidarity with the Egyptian people’s struggle

Solidarity with the Egyptian people’s struggle

Yesterday Tunisia removed a barbaric dictator. Today is for Egypt, and tomorrow is for all unjust dictators.

Dramatic events are unfolding in the Middle East. On January 25, Egypt was rocked by a wave of nationwide demonstrations demanding the end of the Mubarak regime, which has oppressed the people of Egypt for nearly 30 years. People have continued to take to the streets in the biggest protest movement Egypt has seen for decades. In Cairo and other cities thousands of anti-government protesters demonstrated on the streets and fought with police.

After the overthrow of Tunisia’s US backed dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali on January 14, observers wondered aloud if the dramatic events in the North African nation could provoke similar uprisings against other apparently entrenched Arab regimes. Now they have their answer! The revolutionary flames that have swept through the Arab world from Tunisia have reached Egypt.

As in Tunisia, the demonstrations in Egypt came against a backdrop of growing anger over widespread poverty and unemployment. Nearly half of Egypt’s 80 million people live under or just above the poverty line set by the United Nations at $2 a day. Poor quality education, health care and high unemployment have left large numbers of Egyptians deprived of basic needs.

But the economic discontent is only part of a wider political discontent. There is a deep-seated anger at the injustices, inequalities and corruption of the Mubarak regime. Another source of shame and anger for the Egyptian people has been the pro-USA and pro-Israeli policies of the Mubarak regime. If Mubarak is overthrown, justice and freedom for the suffering people of Palestine will be closer.

The people of Egypt will accept nothing less than a fundamental change and their struggle will have wide-reaching impacts on the struggles of the people in the region and the world.

Show your solidarity!
Join the speakout in Brisbane:
Friday February 4, 5pm
Brisbane Square (top of Queen St mall, outside Casino)

Video of protests: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2011/jan/25/egypt-protest-president-murabak-video:
“Our message today consists of one word: go. We are telling President Mubarak to go. We do not want you. We cannot stand you or your system of government. The Egyptian people no longer want this system. You have closed all the doors to peaceful change. Today we have started a process of changed inspired by the Tunisan protests. Today may not be the end. It could be the start of what I believe will be the final stage”.

More information:
Kathy: 0400 720 757, Hamish: 0401 586 923

Media contact:
Gary MacLennan: 0400 944 702

**There will be a short organising meeting for the speakout from 6pm-6:30pm on Wednesday February 2 at the TLC Building (2nd floor), 16 Peel St, South Brisbane **


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