Australia is Israel on refugees

IN OUR FIGHT FOR DECENCY AND COMPASSION FOR REFUGEES – we do not stand alone – good folks everywhere are fighting against the global tide of selfishness and demonisation of refugees. See article Israel approves detention center for migrants

Sound familiar? – yes Israel planning to do the same as Julia Gillard.

Mind you, the Australia plan is to plant the detention facility in an effort to avoid responsibility.

Interesting use of language – Israeli government calls refugees “INFILTRATORS”- Australia labels refugees – “illegals”.

Whatever it takes to demonise and scare monger.

“CIVIL” society in Israel like “CIVIL” society in Australia are fighting to preserve human rights and respect for human beings against the barbarity of politicians, gross tabloid media, the selfish and the ignorant- gosh does that include everyone ‘cept us!!

Worth noting that they have 36,000 people seeking sanctuary last year – Australia has 6000 people arriving by boat and presenting them selves to the authorities this year.

Check this out for a sense of perspective – mind-blowing

(the map does seem to have Canberra in the wrong place from

See aricle from Israeli refugee rights advocate

“The idea as was published on the prime minister’s official website is to lock up all the refugees already living in Israel in this detention facility – and as we are talking about Eritreans and Sudanese, it is with no time limit.

The plan is that refugees wont be allowed to work anymore and have to stay at the facility.

And indeed what was stamped on their visa’s lately is – ‘this is not a working permit’.

The term infiltrators indeed is outrageous and it is unbelievable the media uses the term too without thinking twice. What to do – I thought perhaps of a some sort of an organized petition to Israeli embassies which may help, perhaps the Jewish community can assist here, I am trying now to contact anyone I can abroad to see if there is something – some pressure – which can be put together also from the outside.”

I’ll send more details when I have them.

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