Last meeting of the 17 Group for 2010 on Wed 1st of December

Next meeting of the 17 Group on this coming Wednesday the 1st of December at 7pm in unit 6 at 20 Drury St, West End, and a sort of break-up party for the 2010 series.

The speaker will be activist Coral Wynter, just returned after six months in Venezuela, speaking on the problems and difficulties currently facing the ongoing Bolivarian Revolution and its popular power process. There will be up-to-date photos projected.

“The Venezuelan Revolution continues to make progress, in the face of constant challenges, and some setbacks,” explains Coral Wynter, a well-known Latin America solidarity activist who recently returned to Brisbane after six months living and working in the Venezuelan capital Caracas. Her talk will examine the development of the Bolivarian Revolution, which has transformed the face of Venezuela, under the leadership of socialist President Hugo Chavez, over the past 10 years.

Wynter will describe some of the practical problems facing the government in the area of public health and tertiary education, and the difficulties posed by the constant propaganda onslaught waged by the right-wing media, both in Venezuela and abroad. It was these kinds of distortions and attacks, together with real issues of bureaucracy and corruption, which contributed to the mixed results gained by pro-Chavez United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) candidates in the September National Assembly elections, she said.

While the PSUV won a majority of NA seats, it failed to gain a two-thirds majority, which would facilitate passing crucial new laws proposed by the president. Nevertheless, the government is still pushing ahead with important measures and steps to strengthen the popular power process central to the Bolivarian Revolution.

These problems confronting the revolution serve to emphasise the objective difficulties facing any social transformation, especially in a Third World country, under imperialist attack and de-stabilisation,” Wynter says. “But you can daily see the spirit and determination of the Venezuelan people to ensure that there will be ‘No return to the past.'”

Wynter’s talk will be accompanied by a photo presentation, illustrating some aspects of the popular struggle toward social transformation, which is a leading force against US and Western domination in Latin America and around the world today.

Leon is of course alleged, in some sense or other, to be a breakup party specialist, but remember that he is also the kind of smartieetc that people get worried about, so once again, who knows? But come yourself and discuss the dialectic and how it may or may not be heading towards a synthesis. Drink and eat while doing it. Your parents and other representatives of the superego would approve of your attendance.

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