Support the City Hall construction workers

Photo: Owain Jones

Support the City Hall construction workers.
by Owain Jones on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 1:48pm

Workers at Brisbane City Hall construction site have been sacked for attending a lunch time, off-site union meeting. The workers are employed at pay rates $6 to $14 less than they would be at other construction sites and are employed by labour-hire companies, Drake and J&S, allowing them to be sacked with an hours notice.

The workers have also been exposed to unsafe work conditions, having to deal with asbestos without the proper safety gear and training. There is also lead paint on the site which is being allowed to flow into the drainage system.

BLF organiser Kane Pearson said “the workers have been sacked for exercising their democratic rights”.

Show your support for the sacked workers by attending a show of support, being organised by the unions, tomorrow (Wednesday 17th) at 5:30am, City Hall, Adelaide St, Brisbane CBD.

Photo: Hamish Chitts

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