Meeting of 17 Group: Left wing Politics, Aggressive Secularism and the Spiritual Dimension

The November meeting of the 17 Group
7pm Wednesday 3rd November
Place: Unit 6, 20 Drury St, West End

Gary MacLennan on “Left wing Politics, Aggressive Secularism and the Spiritual Dimension”

In this talk Gary MacLennan looks back on a life time of radical politics and attempts to locate the place of left wing thinking and praxis in a time of Aggressive Secularism.

Central to the talk will be a comparison of the approach of Dr Paul Farmer, who works within a framework influenced by liberation theology, and that of Christopher Hitchens one of the most outspoken representatives of contemporary secularism.

Gary has been for many years an incorrigible recidivist in terms of left wing activism in Brisbane.

A former academic he is now a full time researcher in the field of Indigenous Education.

Leon says he has, perhaps unknown to the speaker, had a special interest in his development.

What this means as to his possible attendance is, as usual, hard to predict.

Let this not be the case with you.

This will be good.

Risk revelation.

Daniel O’Neill

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