Pro-choice activists condemn Cairns abortion trial

Media release: 12 October 2010

Pro-choice activists have condemned the trial of a Cairns couple under Queensland’s anti-abortion laws. Pro-Choice Action Collective activist, Kathy Newnam who has attended the first morning of the trial said “this trial is an absolute disgrace. This young couple are having their lives paraded in front of media, lawyers and other complete strangers. The decisions the young woman made about her own body, her own life and her own health are being paraded and judged. It is an absolute injustice.

“The Crown prosecution has argued that abortion is unlawful in Queensland unless there is a threat to a woman’s life or mental health. This is the reality of this case – an attack on a woman’s right to choose abortion.

“Their case is shrouded in paternalistic ‘concerns’ about safety. They call it a ‘home abortion’ – which is designed to prejudice people and distract from the facts of the case and to distract from the fact that women have the right to control their own bodies.

“Right now, the single most important fact is that this case is an attempt to set a new precedent on the abortion laws which could potentially threaten access to safe abortion in Queensland. It is this fact that highlights the hypocrisy of their paternalistic concerns about safety. It blows it entirely out of the water and exposes that this case is not about ‘safety’ – it is putting abortion on trial.

“The case fits in squarely within the context of a global attack on abortion rights.

“It’s time to take a stand, and the support that has been shown for a woman’s right to choose at today’s protest outside the Cairns District Court demonstrates once again that supporters of abortion rights will not stand by silently while these rights are attacked”.

For more information, contact the Pro-Choice Action Collective – 0400 720 757 (Kathy).

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