David Rovics — Troubador: People’s History in Song

Troubador: People’s History in Song

My new project consists of a CD with 18 songs on it, all of them about historical events from the 1780’s to last spring, plus a beautifully illustrated 24-page booklet full of notes and lyrics. To celebrate the release of the new recording I’m dramatically lowering the prices for everything, including the new release. It’s only available for cheap, though, if you order via my online store — go to http://www.davidrovics.com and click on “buy stuff.” With my new “Hard Times special” prices, all CDs —
including the new one with the illustrated booklet — are now $10 each! Songbooks are $15, and entire-CD digital downloads are now $5.

If you know anyone who’s involved with media of any kind, people involved with organizing festivals or labor history conferences or anyone else like that that might result in this CD getting airplay or a review, all folks like that have to do to receive an absolutely free copy of Troubador is email me with their mailing address at drovics@gmail.com .

Check out what the Zinn Education Project is doing with “Saint Patrick Battalion”:


I’d love to see more multimedia history projects like that, wouldn’t you…?

Tours: RIGHT NOW in the USA, spring 2011 in Europe!

I’m about 1/3 into a tour throughout the continental US. Please check out the schedule on my website and tell your friends about it if you know anybody in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Washington, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or California!

While I’m on this fall tour of the US I’m actively organizing a spring tour in Europe. A number of gigs are already confirmed in England, Scotland and Denmark, and I’m in touch with lots more folks in all of those places plus Ireland, Germany, Norway and Sweden about shows there. If you or anyone you know might want to put together a show on my next tour in Europe please tell me all about it!

FBI Raids in Minneapolis, Chicago and elsewhere

I’ll have more to say on this soon, but for now: if the FBI knocks on your door and asks you questions about your friends, colleagues, political views, etc., keep your mouth shut. Talk to your lawyer, not the FBI. They’re usually up to no good, and with this latest grand jury they surely are.

Whatever their new, extremely vague definition of “material aid” means for the future of free speech or anything else, it must be said unequivocally and loudly: if we are going to use the term “terrorist” to describe a person or group, whatever the laws say, the term is much more applicable, by any sensible definition, to the TERRORIST STATES that persecute millions —
Israel, Colombia, the USA, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, etc. Whether or not anyone supports organizations resisting the crimes constantly being committed by these terrorist states, there is no question in the minds of sensible people around the world that the primary role of groups like the PFLP, the PKK, etc., is RESISTING TERRORISM, no matter what the US government says. To call the PFLP “terrorist” while lauding Israel — the occupying power responsible for the overwhelming majority of civilian deaths and suffering in this conflict — as a democracy and sending them billions of dollars in arms on a regular basis is simply absurd.

If the PFLP are terrorists than so was George Washington and so was Nelson Mandela. And as far as I’m concerned, Abu Ali Mustafa was a hell of a lot cooler than GW.

Anne Feeney’s health

The woman Utah Phillips called “the best labor singer in North America” continues to receive chemo and radiation treatment for lung cancer in her home city of Pittsburgh. Messages of encouragement as well as small financial contributions to help her through this period of forced unemployment are most welcome. Find out more on her blog:


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