Ark’s trial resumes in Adelaide.

Ark Tribe is back in front of a judge in Adelaide today.

His ongoing trial should serve as a reminder to every fair-minded Australian of why the ABCC needs to be dumped immediately.

The ABCC was a dud policy in 2005 when it was pushed upon the Australian people by then-Workplace Relations Minister, Tony Abbott.

But since then it’s steadily lost even more community support, to the point now where no one is willing to stick up for it.

These days even the CEO of Lend Lease, Steve McCann, has acknowledged the removal of the ABCC won’t have a significant affect on his company’s bottom line.

Right-wing thinktanks like the Institute of Public Affairs reckon the ABCC constitutes ‘coercive and unjust state power.’

The ABCC was a rogue policy, introduced by a rogue Workplace Relations Minister.

It costs a fortune, provides no real advantage to anyone and strips basic civil liberties from construction workers.
Ark is facing trial today because he stuck up for safety and then allegedly refused to be forced into an ABCC interrogation.

That’s nothing short of a national disgrace.

We should all be urging the Australian Government to dump the ABCC like a hot brick.

Thanks for your support.

Dave Noonan, CFMEU C&G Division National Secretary

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