Vancouver Examiner: ‘Aussie PM pushes massive clearing house for all refugees’


This article (Aussie PM pushes massive clearing house for all refugees) popped up today in the Vancouver Examiner

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FACT: Australia July 2010 – 639 CHILDREN IN DETENTION
September 1st, 2010 7:23 am PT

Julia Gillard the next Margaret Thatcher?

Australia’s ruling left wing labour party, headed by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, perhaps the next Iron Lady, like past Britain’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher seem to understand the Australian taxpayer and certainly knows the bogus refugee dance more so than Canada’s ruling government. Unlike Australia which has a central federal immigration department,  Canada it seems has three immigration departments at all levels, not just the federal level.
Individual provinces have a say, and it seems even municipalities in which special interest groups with voting clout have a say on who stays and who goes. This of course depends on where the special interest political groups lie, as votes speak louder than logic in many political circles. After all, taxpayer money pays, while politicians play the “Lord of the Dance” with those refugees, such as the case with last months arrival of 490 illegal Tamil economic migrants who came here, by hook (Race Card) and by crook.

Australia, unlike Canada have outlying islands in which to establish illegal migrant and refugee process centre, far away from Australian shore and never shall the two twains meet.  While Australia does accept genuine refugees, others who do not meet this criteria are now being transferred to host countries courtesy of the Australian taxpayers  who will pay a per diem per refugee to the host country who accepts these refugees.   India, a short couple of hours away from Sri Lanka by commercial ferry ride for example would receive $20,000 dollars a head for every refugee it accepts. Certainly far cheaper for the Australian taxpayer who most likely will be paying a hundred times more to settle these refugees in Australia.

Canada on the other hand has a mounting bill of $22 million dollars just in the initial legal fees for the 490 plus illegal Tamil economic migrants we are currently housing.   This $22 million dollars is just the tip of the taxpayer iceberg, social housing, medical, dental, english language classes and monthly welfare payments is forecasted at $1 million dollars a month for the Toronto and Canadian taxpayer for many years to come.   Many of Toronto’s Tamil community members it is said are not too keen to provide financial sponsorship to all of these illegal Tamil economic migrants for years to come until they become self sufficient.

Would it not be a fiscally responsible idea to pay a host country like India and other pacific rim countries $20,000 a head to resettle refugees, especially our current flock of illegal Tamil economic migrants?

Rest assured, if Canada is truly concerned as politicians constantly state in the media about stopping illegal migrants and human smuggling in it’s tracks would if not be prudent and taxpayer friendly to model our immigration policies after the Australians? After all paying a pacific rim country $20,000 a head would most likely ensure these refugees receive fair and equitable treatment by any host country looking to cash in that lucrative $20,000 per diem from Canada.

Would illegal migrants pay $50,000 dollars a head (a princely sum all Canadians do not have lying around) boarding fee for Canada, knowing it would be for naught if Canada would immediately direct the ship or fly these refugees right back to a host country who are known not to discriminate against these refugees. I think not!

After all isn’t the first thing these refugees claim when they get to Canada is discrimination in their home country?
If this is their (refugees) prime importance, discrimination, persecution etc, then Canada should provide them a flight to a safe country, thus fulfilling our United Nations obligations.

The Canadian taxpayer would be eternally grateful to any political party whose testicular fortitude enacted such a mandatory policy.

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  1. Is Gillard another Thatcher? says:

    I have a bone to pick with the article titled ‘Julia Gillard the next Margaret Thatcher?’ from the Vancouver Examiner.

    This is alarmist nonsense put out by wealthy conservatives. The article argues for offshore processing of asylum seekers. I think that Australia should accept refugees.

    The articles suggests Gillard leads a left-wing labor governemt yet likens her to Margaret Thatcher, the conservative PM of Britain in the 1980s.

    Julia Gillard is neither left-wing nor is she Margaret Thatcher.

    Gillard, like her government, is economic rationalist.

    Thatcher was a neo-liberal conservative, a follower of Friedman economics.

    The difference is that Thatcher set out to destroy working class organisations like the Miners Union so that she could ditch the old economy based on coal, steel and manufacture. Her aim was to reframe the British economy as a powerhouse in world finance. A new capitalism was to come like a phoenix from the ashes of the old. In doing so Thatcher destroyed the British economy.

    Gillard wants to contain unions using business management principles of efficiency and human resources notions of corporate responsibility. Her government wishes to sell public assets to fund capitalist growth in the areas of mining and hi-tech manufacture.

    The Examiner article argues for ‘fiscally responsibility’ by ‘paying a host country like India and other pacific rim countries $20,000 a head to resettle refugees.’ This ignores tsuppression of Tamils on the Indian sub-continent, one of the reasons Tamils have fled to countries like Australia and Canada. The article shows little concern for the human rights of Tamils and more concern for fiscal efficiency.

    It is just more economic rationalist nonsense that both major parties and the mass media push down our throats every day.

    Since refugee advocates clearly are concerned about human rights, there is no point in quoting media that trade in human misery and who don’t give a fig about social justice i.e. the Examiner, Mass Murdoch and media like it.

    Ian Curr
    September 2010

    Wikipedia states that: ‘ is a division of Clarity Media Group, with the primary investor being conservative businessman, billionaire Philip Anschutz, owner of Anschutz Entertainment Group.’

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