Public rally for Equal Justice – 7.09.10

Important notice

Public Rally

Outside Brisbane Magistrates Court 9am Tuesday 7th of September 2010.

Call for Equal Justice

N.S.I $80 Million Grand Sand Theft
North Stradbroke Island Sandmining Company Unimin will appear at Brisbane Magistrates court on Tuesday the 7th of September 2010 to defend charges for unlawfully taking and selling sand for over a decade. The State Government allowed this to occur, while collecting royalty payments from the Stolen Sand Sales.

The value of the Stolen Sand is estimates to be at least 80 Million dollars worth, not including the cultural heritage and environmental destructions cost value.

The State is now responsible for Prosecution of the Company, and does not consider that the companys offences are serious enough, to warrant indictable criminal charges. If the state succeeds with their prosecution, the company may be fined up to eight hundred thousand dollars, around one percent of the cost value of what they stole.

There needs to be a fully independent legal inquiry, investigating the state government and the mining companies, unlawful operations. Is there one scale of Justice for Society and another for wealthy mining companies and governments?

This is absolute hypocrisy of Justice.

Lets Rally for Equal Justice.

Outside Brisbane Magistrates Court 9am Tuesday 7th of September 2010.

Peaceful rally.

All Welcome.

For further information contact Dale Ruska 0438199473

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