REST IN PEACE to a young man imprisoned in Curtin,
Our commiserations to his family.
Do not presume that he died by his own hand.
Pamela Curr

Media report.

A 30-YEAR-OLD detainee has died after being found unconscious at the Curtin Immigration Detention Centre in Western Australia.
The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) confirmed the death today.
Staff tried to revive the man after he was found unconscious on Saturday afternoon.
He was taken by ambulance to Derby Hospital and transferred by air overnight to Perth’s Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital where he died on Sunday.
The cause of his death and the reason for his collapse are not yet known, the department said in a statement.
“At this stage there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding the man’s death,” it said.
The department has advised the man’s family and expressed its sympathy over his death.


  1. Pamela Curr says:

    The previous death in Detention in 2008 was also the result of a heart attack. PISHEVARZ KHODAVERDI was a a 62 year old Iranian man who was placed in Villawood.

    He wanted to go home but becasue of the severity of his heart condition was pronounced not fit to travel. According to other detainees he was very ill, breathless and struggling to walk.

    Instead of releasing him on a visa, DIAC chose to keep him in detention.

    Detainees report that he was too breathless to walk unaided, was refused a walking stick and had to use an umbrella.

    How is it possible that SERCO and IHMS are able to ignore the needs of the desperately ill?

    There is another elderly Hazara man in Curtin right now suffering from Diabetes, Kidney Stones and needs 4 hourly Ventolin pumps to breathe.

    His grand-daughters in Sydney are asking why he cannot be transferred to Villawood where they could visit him and see that he gets medical care.

    Mandatory Detention kills.

    Pamela Curr

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