Laws don’t fully reinstate RDA: Amnesty

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For those trying to understand Labor’s smoke and mirrors re restoring the Racial Discrimination Act, can I suggest you start with this article.



They’re saying they are wonderful.

That  they have reinstated the racial discrimination act (RDA) and if re-elected, they’ll work with indigenous people on a formal political level, as well as grass roots.

Essential they’ve re-termed ‘intervention’ (which had the suspended racial discrimination act thing happening) to ’emergency response’ (which in theory, the act has been implaced again).

They’re also saying that the ‘Emergency Response’ complies with the RDA.

However, from what I’ve heard this is all political formality and what goes on in the N.T is still as fucked as what it was before.

Renaming the same system doesn’t change it.

However, I’m not really an expert on the situation so hopefully someone else can add to this.

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Hi All,
I got this email reply from the ALP in response to an email I wrote to them… can anyone with a bit know knowledge help me understand what they are saying, is there any truth in what they are saying or is it all crap?… especially in relation the parts I highlighted in red… Also, has anyone also gotten this response and written back to them?  I would be interested in your response.  Thanks!

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