Refugee Book on Nauru reveals lies.

From Pamela Curr

A book “THE PACIFIC SOLUTION” by Susan Metcalf is being launched on Tuesday night. This book about Nauru reveals the truth about asylum seekers conditions on Nauru and puts paid to one of the most recent lies being promulgated by politicians – the idea that they had complete freedom etc as being portrayed by Tony Abbott.

See this interview on ABC

“For many years the asylum seekers were not allowed out without guards, they did go on short shopping trips or trips to make phone calls at the local telecom in the beginning. It wasn’t until there was about 50 people left in the camp in 2005 that people were allowed out initially for six days a week between certain hours during the day, and they had to be back at night. They’re not allowed to go into certain areas of the island, and if they did breach their visa conditions and go into some of those areas, they were jailed.”

DONT FORGET Q and A tonight with Abbott – put him to the truth test

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