by Humphrey McQueen 30 June 2010

JULIA GILLARD (aka Killard and Gradgrind)

Character Evidence

  • a visit to Israel to secure donations from the local Zionist zealots to party funds and their silence about anything she might have once said about the Palestinians.

Now it turns out that the Zionist property developer (Albert Dadon) who organised the trip has found a job for Gillard’s other half.

Is the bottom of this barrel at the top of the 50-level tower coming to a site occupied by an ALP law firm, Holding Redlich, and approved by ALP State Minister Planning and Branch Stacking? (see Age, 29 June)

On 25 March 2010, Killard phones Alan Jones to say ‘Alan, I’m on the line to congratulate you on 25 wonderful years’, revealing that incitement to racial violence is on her agenda for social inclusion.

On 29 June, she goes on radio reassuring Jones’s constituency that she trooly really feels the pain of the racist paranoids against asylum seekers. Now she has the chance to put their policies into practice.

Substantial offences

  • WorkChoices Lite under alias of FairWork ACT, both are in violation of ILO standards. Link this to Chris White’s material on the Act.
    her thuggish performance at ACTU Congress in Brisbane last year
  • excluding OH&S from the terms of reference from the set-up inquiry to justify retaining the police-state powers of the Australian Building and Construction Commission.
  • driving ahead with the persecution of Ark Tribe for refusing to dob in his mates for their defence of their health and safety.
  • introducing legislation to undermining of OH&S standards, thereby making herself complicit in the mass murder of working people.
    And doing a similar deal over workers’ compensation.

These anti-union drives link to her bullying of teachers in their action against NAPLAN and League Tables, with threats of fines on individual teachers who sought to protect students from her serial child abuse.

  • imposition of teaching to the test in place of education for the fullest social development of the individual. Under her non-de-crime of Gradgrind, she told a gathering of the Australian Industry Group:

In the areas covered by my portfolios – early childhood education and childcare, schooling, training, universities, social inclusion, employment participation and workplace cooperation – are all ultimately about the same thing: productivity’…I’m going to be measuring policies against the all-important criteria of how effectively they increase national productivity.*

So, even pre-school children are sacrificed to her ideal of profit maximisation.

In place of state totalitarianism, Gradgrind imposes market totalitarianism.

Journalists have been asking, what does Killard stand for? The answer is profit maximization, as does the rest of the ALP (ie the Anti-Labour Party). We are not seeing tactical maneouvres but three years of strategic implementation.

Killard may not be more vicious towards the working class than Howard but she is more dangerous because she knows how the ALP and the union movement work.

Not since Hawke has there been a graver threat.

Killard’s performance puts her into the same gender as Julie Bishop (mis-education), Pauline Hanson (refugees) and Margaret Thatcher (union bashing).

Beyond these particulars, never forget that the parliamentary circus is not where power resides in a class society.


* Quotes from Tom Dusevic, The Great Gillard experiment, The Best Australian Political writing 2009, MUP.

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