“War on Wikileaks”

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Video by William Hughes:

Speaking at the demonstration were: Jeff Paterson, Ellen Barfeld, Mike Marceau, Matt Southworth, Phyllis Bennis, Ray McGovern, Josh Stieber, Andrew Castro and the Rev. Lennox Yearwood. Note: A special thanks to the Mayor of Quantico, VA, the Hon. Iris Tharp. According to Medea Benjamin, she granted a permit to hold the demonstration at the 11th hour because she is a “supporter of Free Speech.” (55 Minutes, 45 Seconds)

Video: Andrew Castro: “We Demand Freedom for Bradley Manning!”

Andrew Castro is a member of the ANSWER Coalition, a national peace and justice organization.

Video: Rev. Lennox Yearwood: “I Pray for all Truth Tellers!”

Rev Lennox Yearwood is the chair of the Hip Hop Caucus,a community activist and a member of the Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Video: Ray McGovern: “No Moral Sense in Pentagon and White House!”

Ray McGovern is an ex-CIA analyst, peace and justice activist and author.

Video: Josh Stieber Defends Bradley Manning

Josh Stieber is a Iraq War veteran and a conscientious objector. See, Mr. Strieber’s blog here: http://contagiouslo veexperiment. wordpress. com/

Video: Phyllis Bennis: “Wars Needs Secrets!”

Phyllis Bennis is a journalist, and a peace and justice activist. Ms. Bennis said:” Wars Need Secrets. Illegal wars keep illegal secrets…Democracy needs whistleblowers.”

Photos from Quantico

COUNTERPUNCH “War on Wikileaks” by Maximillain C. Forte


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