Questions to the candidates in the Federal election 2010


Why do none of the political parties support ‘ecologically sustainable development’?


If the ALP and the federal Labor government support clean energy why is coal going gangbusters here in Queensland?

Climate Change

Do the candidates think that climate changes can be fixed under capitalism?

War and Higher Education

Why have political parties done so little to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why were political parties so gullible on WMDs in Iraq?

Background: When I was at the University of Queensland 40 years ago the biggest issue was peace — or more specifically opposition to the Vietnam war. If political candidates came on campus at UQ he would be harangued and harassed about this.

An ambassador from South Vietnam, Mr Quang, was even held up at the relaxation block while students debated with him his support for the war and Australia’s involvement in it.

There was an incident outside and police were called and a fire truck were called and some of students (opposed to the war) were hosed by water cannon.

Now my question coming to 2010 why is it that politicians and or candidates and other who have said little to about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan or have done little to oppose it visit campus without a word said. Why?


Do the candidates support collective bargaining between unions and bosses? (eg at the University of Qld and the National Tertiary Education Union?)

If Universities continues to refuse such an agreement what will the candidates supportstrike action to force bosses to  live up to their obligation to bargain with the union?

Questions arose out of an NTEU Candidates forum at UQ

Present at the forum:

Steve Miles (ALP) candidate for Ryan.

Sandra Bayley (Greens) candidate for Ryan

Andrew Bonnell, chairperson

Neither Jane Prentice (Lib) not Michael Johnson (Ind) turned up

About 30 members of University of Queensland students and staff

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