ALP and Liberal show no respect for the land nor any recognition of its people

On 5 August 2010 the National Press Club hosted a debate about sustainable population in Australia. Neither the Minister for Population & Agriculture, Tony Burke (ALP), nor the shadow Minister Scott Morrison (Lib) made any mention of the original inhabitants of Australia before colonization.

Neither politician even bothered to acknowledge the original owners of the lands that their policies are going to populate.

They were keen to speak about boat people as if they were not boat people themselves. They spoke about immigration being determined by market forces.

Both politicians forgot the fundamental right of self determination and under that right it is indigenous people who own the land and are the custodians of it.

Nor was there a single question from the press about this omission.

Neither the Minister nor his shadow showed respect for the land or recognition of its people.

By contrast, in the video below Les Malezer talks about the UN declaration of the rights of indigenous people. He explains how the colonial governments from 1788 – 2010 have ignore indigenous sovereign rights.

He explains that the aboriginal flag is a message stick to colonial governments to recognise indigenous rights to land and resources.

This speech should be sent to schools so that kids can learn about the murri flag and the sovereign rights the flag stands for.

Ian Curr
August 2010

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