“Your Legal Rights”: Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement’s quarterly newsletter

Dear all

ALRM’s quarterly newsletter magazine “Your Legal Rights”, Edition 21, March 2010, can be downloaded here.

In addition to the Reports by the Chairperson and CEO, following are the articles in this edition.

• Call for Applications for membership of the ALRM Board – Three members from the Nulla Wimila Kutju region; Three from the Wanga-Willurarra region;
• South Australia loses appeal against $775,000 payout to The late Bruce Trevorrow;
• Australia starting to Close the Gap ~ Tom Calma ~;
• Police start living in outback Aboriginal lands;
• The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 and Special Measures By Christopher J Charles, General Counsel;
• Media Releases:

· Cricket Match in memory of The late Allan Wanganeen Sr.
· Potential South Australian Nuclear Tests Victims
• The Death of Mr Ward in Police Custody;
• Reflections on Summer School;
• Bridge the Gap initiatives – Higher education/Training leading to Employment, New opportunities;
• Various services by ALRM;
• Community Recognitions;
• Campaigns;
• List of the Donors for the Christmas 2009 presents to the Aboriginal children under the foster care of the AFSS;
• Community Events ~ staff news ~ farewell – welcome;
• Obituary, and
• Community Photos from various events.

Any suggestions/feed back will be taken as a productive suggestion.

(PS: To view our previous resourceful Newsletters, Annual Reports and Media Releases, please visit www.alrm.org.au and click on the appropriate folder).

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