Nuclear-Free News & Events – March 10

Nuclear-Free News and Events… fun and important things to do!

1) Women begin epic walk to Canberra with message of Peace – launch March 13

2) Make your voice heard on the nuclear waste dump! Submissions due March 15


4) Get involved – get active! For more information or to get involved in the

campaign contact mbl 0411 118 737 or nuclearfreequeensland

1) Women begin epic walk to Canberra with message of Peace

Women’s Peace Walk starts Saturday March 13 from South Brisbane. Everyone is invited to join in to launch this important walk to Canberra -for some or all of the walk!

Saturday March 13 Program:

7:30 am – Walk starts

Friends of the Earth House – 294 Montague Rd West End

8-10am- Walk Launch Event

Jagera Arts Centre Musgrave Park, South Brisbane

Speakers, entertainment, morning tea

10am – walk commences – Walk to Stones Corner -then break for lunch and then on to Holland Park!

About the Walk and the Launch event

The Women’s Peace Walk “Footprints for Peace” will begin their epic trek to Canberra to send a message of peace, sustainability and anti-nuclear proliferation to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

The event is expected to take three months taking in many towns and cities before finishing in Canberra. Their journey will end at the Canberra Aboriginal Tent Embassy where the Message Stick will be presented to the Prime Minister.

Special guest speaker at the Women’s Peace Walk launch on Saturday, March 13 is indigenous advocate Aunty Mununjarli who will present Welcome to Country. Other speakers include. Labor Senator Claire Moore and long time peace and nuclear advocate Robin Taubenfeld.

Entertainment includes , Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Performer s for Peace, local West End Drummers Elliott Orr and Josie from Spankinhide and origami Peace Crane making with Molly. Morning tea will be provided.

Supporters and well wishers are encouraged to join the walkers in their journey from Musgrave Park to Buranda – or anywhere along the way.

The Women’s Peace Walk is supported by Friends of the Earth Brisbane and the Jagera Arts Centre.

More Info:

June Norman – Peace and anti-nuclear spokesperson 0438 169414

Cassie McMahon – Environment and sustainability spokesperson 0408 677781


Make your voice heard on the nuclear waste dump!

The Federal Government has finally announced that it will repeal the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act. But resources minister Martin Ferguson’s replacement legislation – the National Radiaoctive Waste Management Bill (NRWMB) – is as coercive and unfair as the bill it replaces.

The NRWMB leaves Muckaty, north of Tennant Creek in the NT, as the only site that will be initially considered under he NRWMB despite widespread opposition and a flawed, secretive nomination process for the Muckaty site.

Please make a submission to a Senate Inquiry on the proposed legislation and email it on or before MONDAY MARCH 15, 2010. That’s NEXT MONDAY !

Whether your submission is short or long, every contribution tells the government that people care about this issue enough to put their opinion on the public record.

Send your submission:

By email: legcon.sen@aph.

By post: Julie Dennett, Committee Secretary, Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee, PO Box 6100, Parliament House, Canberra, ACT, 2600.

More information:

Senate Inquiry (including a link to the text of the NRWM Bill, explanatory memorandum, etc):

http://www.aph. committee/ legcon_ctte/ radioactivewaste /index.htm

Muckaty Traditional Owners, submissions 95 and 95a to the 2008 Senate Inquiry:

http://www.aph. Committee/ eca_ctte/ radioactive_ waste/submission s/sublist. htm

Beyond Nuclear Initiative:

http://beyondnuclea rinitiative. wordpress. com

Senator Scott Ludlam:

http://scott- ludlam.greensmps greens-fight- nt-nuclear- waste-dump

Friends of the Earth

http://www.foe. nuclear/issues/ oz/nontdump

Some points you might like to include:

The nomination of the Muckaty site is highly contested

It is essential that the Senate Committee pay due respects to the Traditional Owners by travelling to Tennant Creek to take evidence from them directly.

The nomination of the Muckaty site by the Northern Land Council was highly controversial and is strongly contested by many Traditional Owners. Resouces Minister Martin Ferguson claims that Ngapa Traditional Owners support the nomination of the Muckaty site but he knows that many Ngapa Traditional Owners oppose the dump — as well as numerous requests for meetings, he received a letter opposing the dump in May 2009 signed by 25 Ngapa Traditional Owners and 32 Traditional Owners from other Muckaty groups.

Mr Ferguson is also aware of the unanimous resolution passed by the NT Labor Conference in April 2008 which called on the Federal Government to exclude Muckaty on the grounds that the nomination “was not made with the full and informed consent of all Traditional Owners and affected people and as such does not comply with the Aboriginal Land Rights Act”. Mr Ferguson also knows that fellow Ministers Jenny Macklin, Kim Carr, Peter Garrett and Warren Snowdon among others have acknowledged the distress and opposition of many Muckaty Traditional Owners.

“All along we have said we don’t want this dump on our land but we have been ignored. Martin Ferguson has avoided us and ignored our letters but he knows very well how we feel. He has been arrogant and secretive and he thinks he has gotten away with his plan but in fact he has a big fight on his hands.” — Muckaty Traditional Owner Dianne Stokes

This bill is highly coercive

Section 11 of the bill explicitly overrides any state or territory laws that would hinder site selection.

Section 12 then eliminates Aboriginal interests (the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984) and environmental interests (the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999) from the process of choosing a site.

Section 13 eliminates the property rights of any individual unlucky enough to be in the path of the dump or its access corridors.

Once a site is chosen, it will be assessed under commonwealth environmental legislation which has almost no mechanisms for preventing the project from going ahead.

All discretion in the hands of the Minister

The Bill places enormous power in the hands of the Minister to assess whether or not the Muckaty site should go ahead. No information is given to how this assessment will be carried out, and the bill makes it clear that local people have no right of appeal.

The case for a remote dump has never been made

Nuclear waste should be moved as little as possible, and should be stored above ground close to the point of production, close to centres of nuclear expertise and infrastructure. The Lucas Heights nuclear agency ANSTO is by far the biggest single source of the waste, and all the relevant organisations have acknowledged that ongoing waste storage at Lucas Heights is a viable option — the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, the Australian Nuclear Association and even Mr Ferguson’s own department. Additionally, requiring ANSTO to store its own waste is the best — and perhaps the only — way of focussing the Organisation’ s collective mind on the importance of waste minimisation principles.

Any site selection process ought to be based on scientific and environmental siting criteria, as well as on the principle of voluntarism. In 2005, the Howard government chose the NT, and ruled out NSW, for purely political reasons. When the federal Bureau of Resource Sciences conducted a national repository site selection study in the 1990s, informed by scientific, environmental and social criteria, the Muckaty area did not even make the short-list as a “suitable” site.



Date: Sunday March 28, 2010

Time:1.30 – 3PM

Place: REDDACLIFFE PLACE George St Brisbane – top of Queen Street Mall

Contact: Joan ph 3855 9497 Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament Inc.

So Barak Obama has committed $8.3 billion in nuclear loan guarantees for 2 reactors…

He admits that the greatest problem was in creating incentives attractive enough to entice business to invest in nuclear energy – If we should decide to go down the nuclear road we would be obliged to provide business with the same protection of similarly funded government guarantees.

Here in OZ, “Apart from questions about waste and safety and sites, the sheer question of the volume of dollars it costs to build one of these things and the length of time to build a reactor means that the free market, the big end of town,when it comes to capital and funding, has moved away from nuclear power in this country.” — Dave Sweeney ACF reported by Louisa Rebgetz ABC NT Local News 19.2.2010

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