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Victorian Trades Hall Council Bulletin – March 2010

Launch of the ASU Campaign to Abolish the Local Government Inspectorate

The Australian Services Union launched their “Recover Our Rights” campaign today to get rid of the secretive Local Government Investigations and Compliance Inspectorate – LGI.

A funeral procession was held to symbolise the State Government’s attempt to bury basic human rights via the actions of the LGI. The procession started from the Melbourne Town Hall and marched to the LGI Offices in Collins St. The LGI is staffed by about a dozen Inspectors who are granted sweeping powers under sections of the Local Government Act. It is led by former police detective David Wolfe. The LGI is not governed by specific legislation and answers only to the Minister. It is similar to secret Ministerial Police found in countries run by dictators.

Since the Inspectorate’s establishment, it has interrogated several people connected to local government from road maintenance workers to councillors and suburban newspaper journalists. Not complying with its investigations means up to 2 years prison and /or $28,000 fines.

For more information and to support the ASU Campaign go to: www.recoverourrights.org.au Continue reading

Palm Sunday Peace Rally and March

28TH MARCH 2010
1.30 – 3PM Reddacliff Place
George St Brisbane – top of Queen Street Mall

contact: ph 3855 9497 joan shears

Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament Inc Continue reading