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  1. 'Reducing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Imprisonment Rates' says:

    Hi All

    Here is the Report from the community meetings about Reducing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Imprisonment Rates in Qld collated by the ANTaR working group for lead agencies MurriWatch and ATSIWLAS – Project 10% – keeping families together and moving forward – family unity community unity.

    Thank you to everyone who shared their experience and ideas. This report is only part of the campaign for justice. Next year it will be used to guide the call to action to reduce the imprisonment rates that are devasting families and communities. Feedback and extra input can be fed into the report by contacting MurriWatch, ATSIWLAS or ANTaR Qld

    Warm regards,
    The Project 10% Working Group
    Kitty Carra BA BCom
    0409 548 892

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