The Ellen Taylor Community Centre June 2009 Newsletter

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Welcome to the first issue of the Ellen Taylor Community Center Newsletter.
This issue announces the establishment of the “Ellen Taylor Community Centre” at 26 Horan Street, West End in honour of Ross Taylor’s late wife and to honour Ross’s great gift to the Kurilpa community of the building
located at 26 Horan Street in West End, Brisbane.

Ross’s intent in donating this building to the community is to establish a centre that will serve the Kurilpa community comprised of but not limited to South Brisbane, West End, Highgate Hill, Dutton Park and Hill End in
an effective and compassionate manner. His vision is to provide much needed space at reasonable rates for services and products in this region focused on environmental outcomes, learning and compassionate community counselling, The Ellen Taylor Community Centre will also take steps to foster, accommodate
and auspice other community groups, individuals and clubs who share similar values and are in need of function and meeting spaces.

The Ellen Taylor Community Centre is operating under an interim committee
to establish the facility as a community association operating as a not for
profit organization.

We look forward to the community embracing the Ellen Taylor Community Centre as we move towards a more compassionate, sustainable and equitable future for all who live in this region and are glad to say that many
of the worthwhile events, services, businesses and happenings that have been associated with this building over the last four years have continued the relationship with Ross Taylor and his interim management team.
We hope that you enjoy the many events and services that the Ellen Taylor Community Centre will bring to the community and welcome you all to a new beginning.


FOCO NUEVO Friday June 26th, 8.00 p.m.

INDIAN MUSIC FESTIVAL Saturday June 27th, 4.30-10.30pm

Bollywood & Hip Hop Mondays 6.30 + 7.30pm
Life Drawing Sessions Wednesdays 7.00pm-9.00PM,
Black Dove Body Bar Classes in Pilates (Basic and intermediate
levels), Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop dance, Dance Conditioning.

The Ellen Taylor Community
26 Horan Street
West End Q4101
ph: (07) 3846 5077

or email us

Please note that our West End PO Box is no longer.
All mail is to be sent to the above street address.

New website coming soon!

4 thoughts on “The Ellen Taylor Community Centre June 2009 Newsletter

  1. David Jackmanson says:

    Hi, do you have any more info on contact details for the community centre? Neither the phone or email listed in this post are still active and I can’t find any website.


    David Jackmanson

    1. 'AHIMSA closed' says:

      Hello David,

      Alas, the Ellen Taylor Community Centre (formerly AHIMSA house) is no more.

      AHIMSA house has been taken over by the Public Trustee and a receiver for the bank has been appointed.

      Why do you ask?


  2. Drat. I’m helping to organise rallies and/or public meetings against the Government’s Internet censorship plans and Ahimsa/Ellen Taylor would have been a great place for meetings.

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