Committed to Change Expo

C2C Change ExpoThis event (3-5 July) will precede the Peace Convergence and will host workshops and information stalls about Shoalwater and the war games…

To my dear friends, family, colleagues, and members of the wider collective conscience!!

The time has come for myself and the team of people who are "Committed 2 Change" to unveil the C2C Change Expo Project that we have been working on for the last 12 months.

Over the last 2 years Committed 2 Change has grown from an original mind seed in my head, to an influential movement that is gaining momentum as fast as our team can keep up. In 2008 we created the concept of an annual event which we have named the ‘C2C Change Expo’. Through this event we ai  m to bring together all of the positive movements that are happening and being created in our society, providing a platform for exposure to the wider public, and further spreading what we refer to as ‘The Collective Conscience’.

This event, is at this stage an exclusive event to Committed 2 Change members and their guests/friends, with the aim of initially strengthening these networks.

I have attached relevant information about the C2C Change Expo, Ticket Prices & information on a Bamboo Workshop that we are running in conjunction with the Event in July 2009.


I extend a personal invitation to you and encourage your attendance for this exciting event!!! Please also bamboo_flyer_smallfeel free to extend this invitation on to any persons you feel would further contribute to the C2C Change Expo, or who are themselves, already ‘Committed 2 Change’. If you have a website and can offer exposure through including Committed 2 Change on it then we appreciate your help immensely!!

For further information on Committed 2 Change and the C2C Change Expo 2009 go to <>&#160;

In Peace & Positivity
Kindest regards
Renton Bishopric
Director Committed 2 Change <>

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