“We are from the Streets!”

clip-image004-thumb.jpg“We are from the Streets!”—  Sam Watson.

On Anna Bligh’s website it says that  516 Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islanders live in South Brisbane (see http://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/elections/state/state2006/South%20Brisbane/Profile.pdf from 2001 Census).

I doubt that these figures are accurate but they are the best data I could come up with. I have written to the electoral office to find out why more accurate information is not available.

If Anna Bligh does not even know how many Murris and Torres Stait islanders live in South Brisbane how can she know how to target their needs?

The 2006 census states that 297 aboriginal/torres strait islanders lived in the 4101 postcode (roughly the South Brisbane electorate). If these figures are correct what happened to the other 200 people? Were they driven out of the area? If so why? My guess is that they were forced out by rising rents, high rise flats, smaller houses being built that were not suitable for big families. One thing though, I see just as many Murries on the streets of West End that I used to see in the 1970s, actually I probably see more Murris than in the 1970s.

Workers BushTelegraph encourages all those people and their supporters to vote for Sam Watson for South Brisbane in the coming state election.

Anna Bligh has not said a single word about Human Rights of indigenous people and has refused to pay stolen wages, not a single word has come from her lips about Mulrunji’s death in the Palm Island watchouse and the jailing of community leader, Lex Wotton.

The following speech tells us what Sam stands for (be patient it takes a little time to load).



The polling booths are shown at http://www.ecq.qld.gov.au/elections/state/state2006/South%20Brisbane/districtProfile.html

The Aboriginal Rights Coalition has put out a leaflet and will run a stall at the West End State School from 9am on election day.

The stall will run from 9am til about 2-3pm just outside the entrance to the polling booth at West End State School, Horan St off Vulture St, West End.

Don’t forget the Lex Wotton fundraiser gig tomorrow night from 6.30pm at Blackstar Coffee too – 44 Thomas Street West End (Entry by donation, food available, alcohol free event).


Vote early and Vote often!

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