Come one, Come all, Support Lex Wotton — Friday, 24 October

Come one, come all,

Mulrunji on Palm Island Jetty
Palm Island Jetty

From 10 am on Friday, 24 October 2008

to support Lex Wotton and his family.

at Brisbane District Court, 304 George Street Brisbane

No More Deaths in Custody!

Lex Wotton is presently before the court charged with riot with destruction on Palm Island after the death of Mulrunji, a charge that carries a maximum life sentence.

At 8:30 last night, Thursday 23 October 2008, the jury informed the judge that they have not yet arrived at a verdict and wish to view a video of the events of 26 November 2004. The jury will continue deliberations from 9am Friday and the judge will reconvene the court at 10 am.The best places to follow the story are the National Indigenous Times and Workers Bush Telegraph.

The trial has lasted three weeks. 17 Crown witnesses have been called including 7 indigenous witnesses. The Judge summed up before the jury on Wednesday and Thursday.

3 responses to “Come one, Come all, Support Lex Wotton — Friday, 24 October

  1. Lex Wotton is in hospital after he collapsed at the District Court in Brisbane last night see


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