Union Solidarity: Boeing Community Assembly


Editors Note: Please find below a notice from the Melbourne based Union Solidarity Group. These activities are at Fisherman’s Bend in Melbourne in support of the Boeing Workers. For May Day activities in Brisbane see “May Day 2008”.

1. Family Day / Fundraising Concert
2. Workplace Ombudsman Moves Against Dave Kerin.

Family Day / Fundraising Concert
Saturday 3rd of May
Boeing Community Assembly

Wharf Rd, Fishermans Bend
11am onwards.

*Live Music
*Kids Games
*Novelty Events

All proceeds to striking Boeing workers.

On Monday 28 April striking workers at Boeing’s Fishermans bend plant will have entered their fourth week in dispute. During the strike Boeing have went to extraordinary lengths to bully employees to return to work. Boeing has threatened rank and file union members with millions of dollars in damages (1 million a day) a Federal court has been set for May 7.

In spite of this workers have continually voted at mass meetings to continue the dispute. They have received support from other sections of movement and that support is building. For the strike to continue, for workers to get a good result Boeing workers need to feel that the union movement is behind them. Sunday 3rd is a great opportunity to show your support.

Please print and distribute the attached “Boeing Workers Fundraising Concert” leaflet.


2. Workplace Ombudsman Moves Against Dave Kerin.

Union Solidarity coordinator Dave Kerin was served with an order by the Workplace Ombudsman to produce Union Solidarity documents relating to the Boeing dispute by the 8th of May. If Dave fails to comply he faces up to 6 months in prison.

Union Solidarity wishes to make it clear that we will continue to throw all of our support behind the Boeing workers. Many have expressed concern about Dave being served. In the short term the best way to defend Dave Kerin is to throw your support behind the Boeing strikers. A victory at Boeing will make it hard to move against Dave.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that Union Solidarity have been targeted because our strategies and tactics have largely been successful. Now more than ever we need to strengthen our organisation and build our supporter base.

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Yours in Solidarity

Union Solidarity.

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