Union & Murri Protest

Close of Queensland parliament on 28 February 2008.



And we were only seven
Email said: “Intervention action Parliament house 10am Thursday”

Pollies come on balcony to look down at 1,000 firefighters

And we were only seven

who have produced a 70% raise in productivity without a pay increase,

Murris protest intervention accelerating on all fronts: Jabiluka, Palm, Nungar, Arrente, Wakka wakka land all under threat of developers.

And we were only seven

There is little point to protest.

Lest the state be rocked, executive power extinguished, the union organised, workers political, murris self-determination.

Only outcome on parliament’s close was

Premier Bligh called off the issue

of the ‘State of Environment Report’ for another two weeks.

At least we were seven .


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